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Keeping patients healthy is your primary responsibility. Through our integrated methodologies, we find ways to improve care while saving time before, during, and after treatment.

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Assess and refresh

Organizations are challenged to prioritize efforts and quantify outcomes for their optimization projects. Whether you need comprehensive or focused optimization, we can identify, prioritize, and implement the items that will move your organization forward.

Impact: Optimize the people, processes, and technology within your organization to get the most out of your EHR

Estimated time: 8-10 week assessment followed by implementation

Typical outcomes:

  • Improved patient safety and decision support
  • Improved caregiver efficiency with documentation
  • Standardized documentation requirements and tools
  • Technology workflows built to support patient care across the continuum including automation and use of mobile documentation tools

Clinical Documentation Improvements

Impact: Focused improvement on necessary documentation and chart review tools to streamline patient visits

Estimated time: 10-12 weeks

Typical outcomes:

  • Shifting focus back to the patient within visits, limiting cumbersome documentation
  • Improved compliance with documentation
  • Use of personalization tools
  • Cleanup of Inbasket message clutter
  • Improved workflows for Nurse Brain, required documentation, and surrounding tools
  • Improved charge capture and billing requirements
  • Improved capture of health maintenance and care gaps

Quality Measures

Impact: Identify and achieve measures and activities that demonstrate high performance. We help optimize and align existing workflows, processes, and EHR tools with strategic plans to improve performance.

Estimated time: 10-12 weeks

Typical outcomes:

  • Improved clinician satisfaction after optimization of workflows
  • Data visualization for ongoing metric monitoring
  • Maximize payment/decrease penalties

Care Coordination

Impact: Structure your care team and build efficient workflows to track, treat, and better manage patients in the hospital and across care transitions.

Estimated time: six months (depending on maturity)

Typical outcomes:

  • Optimized care management documentation and tools across the care continuum
  • Focus on social determinants of health and the interaction with community resources
  • Development of risk stratified insight into your patient population
  • Dashboard creation to focus on care gap closure and outreach
  • Improved clinician satisfaction after optimization of workflows

Virtual Care

Impact: Implement or optimize tools to facilitate care of patients remotely offering options to patients for care

Estimated time: 10-12 weeks

Typical outcomes:

  • Work with leadership to focus on goals, vision, and road mapping/strategic planning of existing video platforms and hardware solutions
  • Analysis and evaluation of provider utilization for maximizing telemedicine availability
  • Optimize patient-to-provider offerings via video visits
  • Improve provider-to-provider e-consults to facilitate access to care
  • Build upon e-visit offerings to improve patient satisfaction around simple medical conditions
  • Develop or optimize remote monitoring systems to improve inpatient provider/staff coverage

*Potential benefit includes new revenue, accelerated A/R, one-time gains, and annualized gains. Discrete estimates by benefit type established within solution engagement. Organization-specific benefit opportunities will vary.

The Nordic difference

Consultant backgrounds
60% Epic
25% Clinical
15% IT

900+ Consultants

Care access

  • Coordinate and improve patient access
  • Integrate teleheath and e-visit capabilities


  • Improve areas of specialty, usability, clinical documentation, and process
  • Support clinical decision-making

Follow up

  • Transition care management
  • Improve chronic care management

Nordic & Allina Health improve provider efficiency and satisfaction

What Nordic helped us to do is to take the raw data from that [the EHR] and operationalize it using a dashboard so we could see it trended over time. We could use it more dynamically, we could focus in on our provider or pull out and focus on the organization specialty or a department.


MATT SHADDEN, Data Analyst, Allina Health System, Minneapolis, MN

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