Improve physician's experience with data

Many providers consider the EHR more of an obstacle than a tool. Organizations struggle to increase provider satisfaction and show value in the adoption and optimization programs they implement. We combine industry best practices with a data-driven approach to demonstrably increase satisfaction and system adoption.

Aligned with best practices

As a KLAS Arch Collaborative participant, Nordic has insights into where to focus our program’s efforts to increase provider satisfaction. We can build an end-to-end program that includes system enhancements, personalization, and education that is tailored for your providers’ specific needs and challenges.

Get more from your data

Nordic’s EHR experts help you unlock insights from your data into the relationships between EHR use and KPIs such as access, efficiency, engagement, quality, satisfaction, and volume. We offer recommendations for customized workflows and a simpler user interface through improved EHR build and education programs.

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Success stories

Academic healthcare organization

  • 29% increase in chart search use
  • 15% increase in Note speed button use
  • 13% increase in patient calls reviewed within 24 hours 

Top-down strategy





The Nordic difference

Each step in our Provider Experience Improvement is driven by your organization’s data and Nordic’s broad knowledge of system and industry best practices.

Broad Impact

We work with our partners to use their data to define areas for improvement, starting with the areas of broadest impact, such as usage of personalization tools.

Address root causes

After defining focus areas, we use observation and user input to determine root causes. Our programs, driven by industry best practices, target these root causes and set goals for improvement on KPIs.

Discuss measurable outcomes

Our solution gives you the skills and methodology based on the interventions your organization decides to deploy and leaves you equipped to measure improvements long-term.

Individual, tailored outreach

Ultimately, many providers gain the most benefit from hands-on intervention and training tailored to the tools they use most frequently. Our approach allows educational outreach tailored to the end users based on how they use the system and where personalization would benefit them.

KLAS Arch Collaborative

As an Arch Collaborative participant, Nordic has insights into EHR usability issues impacting physician satisfaction compared to their peers.