Information Blocking

Making patient information accessible


As a condition of the 21st Century Cures Act, the ONC and CMS have published rules defining and enforcing health data sharing. The first provisions addressing information blocking will go into effect in November 2020, and healthcare organizations must comply to meet quality reporting requirements. Nordic’s holistic methodology will help drive the cultural change necessary for your organization to meet these new guidelines.

We partner with you to:

  • Ensure compliance
  • Avoid penalties
  • Increase patient satisfaction
  • Achieve rapid API integrations

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Your dedicated team

Nordic assembled a team dedicated to Information Blocking and the 21st Century Cures Act. We've investigated the rule, performed industry research, and talked with other healthcare leaders to craft a methodology to guide your organization. 

Our methodology

While the Information Blocking rule relates to technology, the implications are also operational. To prepare for this rule, you'll need to reach organizational consensus, update processes and policies, and manage your stakeholders. Our team brings both technology and operational experience, focusing on transformation efforts across the care continuum and technical interoperability. Our HIM, patient engagement, and physician experts will use our proven methodology to advise you. 

A holistic approach

A coordinated effort across multiple stakeholders is necessary to ensure compliance with information blocking regulations. We work with you to assess your current processes and policies then design and execute a plan tailored to your organization.


We assemble and educate stakeholders from across the organization and provide specific action plans for compliance, HIM, IT, patient experience, and provider happiness initiatives.


Our team assesses your information release processes across operations and IT and documents areas for potential change.


Our plan manages change and aligns your stakeholders to achieve open-sharing policies and limit the risks of information-release


We drive the needed changes in people, processes, and technology to ensure compliance and begin preparations for compliance with phase 2 requirements

The Nordic difference

Cross- functional expertise Clinical, operational, technical

Holistic methodology Field-tested to ensure the best strategic outcomes

KLAS-proven7 categories of 90+ 2020 Best of KLAS ratings

Nordic’s clinical optimization work has been excellent. Nordic is very methodical. They
never take anything for granted, and they are smart and sharp. … The combination of
experience and expertise has been really good.

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Let's work together to prepare your organization for information blocking rules.

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