Quality Measures

Improve performance and maximize program earnings

Quality measures are a core component to value-based reimbursement, through the Medicare Access and CHIP Re-authorization Act (MACRA), accountable care organizations (ACOs), and population health in general. These measures, whether based on the Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS), Health Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS®), Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH), or other standards, can be built into the system to ensure that clinical documentation is sufficient to meet reporting needs and that leadership can monitor performance to drive improvement.

We partner with provider organizations and eligible clinicians to identify and achieve measures and activities that demonstrate high performance. We help optimize and align existing workflows, processes, and EHR tools with strategic plans to improve performance and maximize your chances of positive payment adjustments in 2020 and beyond.




Our quality measure methodology is designed to build efficient workflows, implement clinical documentation tools, and support both clinical decision-making and measure submission. We understand the full picture of your quality measures, starting with data points, and identify where we can make the biggest outcome improvements.

Our consultants can assess your current quality measures performance, build, and strategy. With complex, conflicting needs such as MACRA, ACO, and PCMH, we'll help you understand where to focus your efforts to improve quality measure performance. Whether it's a new measure build, workflow enhancement, measure updates, or measure submission to support Inpatient Quality Reporting (IQR) or Quality Reporting Document Architecture (QRDA), we help you develop and prioritize a list of opportunities to assist in determining the greatest return on investment.


We understand the importance of optimizing existing measures and building new ones quickly in line with existing EHR tools and processes. Using an agile approach, we work closely with leadership, IT, and clinicians to move through a design, build, and validation sequence. We concentrate on meeting clinician usability and adoption needs while satisfying requirements. To this end, our consultants have experience leveraging external data from your claims or Care Everywhere to improve quality measure performance and give you a more complete picture of patient health. With the appropriate measures identified and built, we assist in submission and reporting to ensure you're complying with relevant requirements.


We interview stakeholders to understand strategic priorities, existing workflows, and the challenges to overcome. This may mean developing a governance structure for prioritization and overall population health strategy.


We can help build self-service tools to monitor performance and help your organization be self-sustaining. With a focus on creating a continuous improvement platform, Nordic's Data & Analytics team can assist with visualization tools to give each stakeholder the data needed to make improvement decisions. This includes executive and quality leadership, service line management, providers, and care team members.

What to expect

  • Deep understanding of quality measure specifications
  • Self-service monitoring tools to identify performance improvement opportunities
  • Better quality and consistency of care
  • Improved clinician satisfaction
  • Stakeholder education covering program requirements to equip you for long-term quality payment program management

Our quality measure implementation methodology

Ensure documentation discreteness and consistency

Aligns standard reports with these discrete fields

Why Nordic?

We provide dedicated resources to ensure you're selecting the quality measures best suited to long-term success while practice managers and analysts stay focused on day-to-day priorities. Our knowledgeable consultants serve as valuable clinician resources to make sure everyone is aware of and comfortable with MIPS program requirements.

  • Proven methodology and toolsets to rapidly implement improvement
  • Deep knowledge of PQRS, MU, MSSP, PRIME, and other regulatory programs
  • Established workflows and functionality for clinicians, CDI, and quality management teams
  • Data & analytics dashboards — over 25 consultants with extensive experience

We are now able to provide metrics to the Piedmont Clinic so they are able to offer them to any new providers we bring onboard whether they are primary care or specialty.

SALIMAH HANDA, Piedmont Healthcare Executive Director, Informatics

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