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Creating a virtual care program to fit your needs


Healthcare organizations want a tailored and efficient virtual care program that delivers safe and affordable care, making life easier for both patients and clinicians. With our holistic approach, we assess your data, technology, and workflows to create a scalable virtual care solution that increases patient volume and reduces the cost of care while improving patient engagement and clinician satisfaction.

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A comprehensive solutions framework

Nordic's experienced team combines diverse competencies in EHR, telehealth technologies and strategies, data and analytics, operational strategy, process improvement, and project management to help you meet the ever-changing needs of growing a virtual care program. We pair the technology changes with operational improvements in patient access/scheduling, clinical, and revenue cycle workflows. This combined approach streamlines operations and decision support while reviewing and recommending telehealth reimbursement and payment model opportunities to help improve current coding, charging, billing, and reimbursement processes.

Wins in weeks

Starting with a brief assessment of your existing virtual care program, we work with you to develop a strategic plan and roadmap to deliver high-value workflows and processes to lay the foundation and build up your program. We use an iterative approach to sequence and quickly develop and implement smaller components of your larger virtual care strategic plan to see progress sooner.

Repeatable solutions, predictable results

With a strategic plan in place, we develop each virtual care component to be both repeatable and scalable to further deploy across your organization. This gives you the ability to expand your telehealth services to different specialties and even consider extending virtual care offerings to affiliates, referring entities, or other locations outside of your organization.

Support to scale

Once you’re up and running, support your patients’ and partners’ virtual experience and encourage adoption. We offer long-term support plans for patient portals and telehealth tools through a Tier 1 service desk and Tier 2 application support. We also schedule technology appointments to confirm patients are ready for their first virtual visit, help patients activate and navigate telehealth tools, guide patients through portal features like proxy access, results review, and bill pay, and measure the KPIs you need to inform your business.

Different solutions for different needs

Patient at home

No matter where the patient is located, the focus should be on providing convenient patient care.

  • Video visits
  • Home monitoring
  • E-visits
  • Telephone
  • Self-triage


Bring providers together to strengthen your organization's offerings.

  • Remote inpatient monitoring/virtual rounding
  • Teleconsults
  • E-consults


Expand your community reach by bringing locations together

  • Internal (distant clinics, outreach)
  • External (schools, nursing homes, referring clinics)
  • Device-to-device calls

The Nordic difference

EHR expertise Diverse technical and operational experience

Big-picture strategy Field-tested to ensure the best strategic outcomes

KLAS-proven7 categories of 90+ 2020 Best of KLAS ratings

Expected results

By investing in a virtual care program, we can help you achieve the following:

Reduce the cost of care

  • Leverage healthcare workforce efficiently and effectively across the continuum of care
  • Lower operating costs for virtual care when compared to traditional office settings (when deployed at scale)

Improve access to care

  • Deliver care where the patient is located
  • Improve specialty care in remote locations
  • Reduce dependency on physical office space

Enhance clinician satisfaction

  • Increase available provider pool to supplement schedules and improve patient throughput 
  • Create new revenue streams for virtual care
  • Reduce travel to remote locations

Improve patient engagement

  • Provide options that appeal to the patient, with technology and scheduling that meets their needs
  • Allow remote caregivers to join in visits

Promote health

  • Encourage patients to seek care for problems they may have previously avoided
  • Increase market share based on consumer demand for convenient care options

Success story

Large health system

Nordic helped a 950+ bed health system rapidly implement an integrated video visits workflow for primary care during COVID-19, which resulted in:

  • A significant increase in video visits from just a few visits to over 2,000 per day
  • Development of a short-term strategic plan to expand video visits for all outpatient locations and activate additional telehealth workflows over a six-week period
  • A strategic assessment of the telehealth program including technology review, billing, and revenue enhancement recommendations, as well as a prioritization of virtual care projects for implementation
  • Recommendations on organizational structure, staff resourcing, and expansion of virtual care program

The Nordic team quickly reviewed our video visit setup. In partnership with the team here, they developed a plan and worked in an agile framework to rapidly implement integrated, primary care video visits. We jumped from just a few visits to over 2,000 visits per day, and we were then able to quickly scale to the rest of our specialties.

JULIE MCGUIRE, CHCIO, Director, Enterprise Systems Clinical
Texas Children's Hospital

Let's work together to expand and improve your virtual care program.

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