Total Cost of Ownership

Make informed IT decisions

As a healthcare leader, you need insightful data to make decisions about your organization’s IT investment. Using the Nordic TCO Toolkit, our healthcare consultants deliver a robust cost analysis that helps you make informed IT decisions for a stronger business with better patient outcomes.

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Invest with confidence

You need a strong financial rationale to support your IT decision-making, especially when there are so many unknowns about the future of healthcare. Our team understands healthcare as a business and the technology to support it. We'll analyze your IT investment portfolio to ensure you're making the best decisions for your health system and the patients you serve.

Rationalize with insights

We’ll work with you to deliver total cost of ownership (TCO) insights that help you manage and measure expenses, giving you confidence in your decision-making. Using our Nordic TCO Toolkit, we’ve helped dozens of client partners create a cost analysis tailored to their specific goals.

A thorough TCO solution

Nordic TCO Toolkit

Our team uses the Nordic TCO Toolkit to create a cost analysis for your organization. The toolkit is specific to healthcare IT and incorporates business and IT costing rules for a comprehensive analysis.

Tailored approach

We pay careful attention to your organization's specific goals, challenges, and needs to scope the work. That way, you receive a comprehensive analysis that meets your requirements.

Sensitivity analysis

We'll conduct a sensitivity analysis on key variables so you understand the impact of a change in assumptions. In addition, we provide documentation, including financial analyses such as NPV and ROI.

Executive summary

When we're finished with our TCO analyses, we deliver a compelling executive summary that empowers you to share the findings within your organization and make decisions with confidence.

The Nordic difference

Nordic TCO Toolkit Our proprietary cost analysis

Healthcare experienceWe understand healthcare as a business

Unbiased partner We're a trusted, unbiased advisory partner

How we'll work together:


We’ll listen to what you need and scope work to meet your requirements.


We’ll use our Nordic TCO Toolkit, which incorporates business and costing rules, to create an informed analysis.


We’ll empower you by creating a compelling executive summary to share within your organization.



Make informed IT decisions for a stronger business with better patient outcomes.

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