Negative Sides Of Payday Loans

Payday Loans

Over the last 6 years a noticeable increase in the number of Americans applying for payday loans has been observed. In many states regulatory legislation have been enacted for controlling the pay day loan industry as a result of the complaints as well as allegations of consumer regarding loan sharking by the media.

On the other hand, the ratio of complaints in the payday loan industry is not very high. As per one of the national pay day loan providers it’s written the ratio of customer complaint occurrence is lower than 4%, which in other words, could be interpreted as a 96% satisfaction rate, but it depends on those quoting these statistics.


In case of payday loan products particularly, the most common consumer complaints are in line with media reports and mostly based on high interest rates, collection harassment, predatory lending practices and many other such type of complaints. On the other hand, the complaints filed with the Federal Trade Commission, Better Business Bureau and different States Attorney General’s offices are entirely different.

Here we are sharing the 3 most common types of complaints that consumers file against the pay day loan providers.

  1. As per research results the most common consumer complaint is the ease of filling online application and getting instant approvals of the loans that pay day loan companies, on the other hand, there is no easy way increasing payment amounts  on weekly or bi-weekly basis on their same website. Basically, this is not a solid reason to complain as the company is already drawing less weekly loan payment, however there are some consumers who prefer to pay off earlier than scheduled date to save from added charges, but they must not do it online, the best thing is to contact a live customer service agent by calling so that previous agreement upon payment terms can be changed.
  2. Late payment fee is the second most common complaint. Several pay day lenders charge a late fee, the way a credit card company does when they receive payments after the agreed upon date of payment. The range of late fee in most cases is about 15% or a $15 on $100 payment that has been scheduled. Even the credit card industry suffers from these types of complaints. For the two industries late fees would seem to be an important income source.
  3. The lack of 24 hour support is the third most common complaint in the pay day loan industry. Most of these companies operate online websites and accept the applications from customers 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Most consumers complain that when they complete their online form and need live customer service outside of business hours, no one is there to assist live telephone support. Different lenders offer different online chat support timings and many offers 24 hr. live phone support, however most lenders offer support from their websites help section and this support is available to consumers even after regular business hours.

If you consider the nature of these common consumer complaints, then it becomes simple and easy avoiding them by being little cautious.

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Home Improvement – Beautiful Chandelier

Home Chandelier

Everyone want to have a beautiful home and every beautiful home needs at least one beautiful chandelier. So, you need a chandelier in your home if you want to achieve that exquisite look. You can even have candle chandelier for that antique theme. Most homeowners choose beautiful contemporary chandeliers but there are those that want that unique and old world feel. Usually for hanging over a dining room table in a mansion most people think of a big beautiful one. The smaller ones are bets for smaller home as well as look great over the restaurant tables. On one hand it will brighten the room while on the other hand it’s a beautiful addition.

People look for different sizes as well as styles for chandeliers when decorating their home. There is no need of a huge one in restaurant when there is one over every table. It totally depends on the choice of restaurant owner. With the passage of time, selections change because new styles keep coming out and it would be hard to keep track.

Some people prefer to have a custom chandelier made for their home. They have a specific spot in mind where they need it to hang down.  These would look amazing in many places and will bring out the best of the house. People fall in love with the shine of the light as well as beautiful crystals. It is not necessary that all of these will have lot of light and crystal in them.

There are two main purposes of buy them i.e. for home decoration and for providing more light to the room. It depends on buyer. When a person is not sure about what to buy then this can be costly. They may enter a showroom and choose an amazing one. Knowing the size and style is very important when it comes to buying such stuff. In this way the staff will understand your requirement.


Each piece of chandelier will not be same. When you see them at a glance they look same but actually two handmade pieces are quite different if you look them closely. People who make chandelier take idea from one piece of chandelier and make different styles. Some are colorful while some may be all crystal and some just use candle. As choices may vary so it is not necessary every buyer will be looking for the same thing.

You can find these lovely chandelier pieces in homes, restaurants as well as other places that are synonyms with luxury. In some places these look better as compared to others. A buyer must know what style to choose and where to place it.

There are many different choices available that you can choose from. In case if you want to buy more than one, then similar ones or in same colors and styles can be chosen. For contemporary chandeliers look good in certain spaces but any of these can be placed or mounted in a big space.

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Replacement Vinyl Windows – Hot To Install

Vinyl Replacement Windows

Installing replacement vinyl windows is considered as satisfying Do-It-Yourself project that can be carried out even if you don’t have any specialized equipment. All you need is basic tools for tackling this task and you can save so much money. Initially the project might seem difficult and complicated but later on using the right measurements the replacement project will go smoothly.

Thorough evaluation prior to starting this project is very important of the existing window i.e. whether it is rotted or not or out of square. In case of a rot, or if the window is out of square, you will need assistance from a professional in order to reframe the opening. If you are not experienced with the framing and structuring then leave this work for the professional. On the other hand, if there is no problem window frame is in good shape then the task will be so easy like installing the vinyl insert and then attaching it to the frame.

You must take measurements carefully as accuracy is required while measuring the interior height and width of every window frame side to side as well as top to sill so that you can install vinyl windows properly. For accurate measurement triple check your readings so that window fits properly, normally measurements match with a standard size vinyl window, in the mill work department there is customer service to assist you find the right window.

Measurements are must when you order the vinyl window replacements. The cost may vary from manufactures to manufacturer as well as it depends on required features. Keep in mind while ordering the windows that your chosen design must match with other windows of your home as well as choose the windows with insulated and Low E glass. When you plan on changing all the windows of your home then change the style as it is the right time.

Once you have double checked the measurements as well as everything reached safely and nothing broke in shipment. If you do things one at a time then the job of installing every replacement will be done thoroughly. As replacement windows install takes place from the inside, so make sure there is enough space in the house for accomplishing this task.

Follow this step by step guide and install vinyl replacement windows:


  • The next step is prying the inside stop off and keep these to use them again when completed. You can use pliers to remove the nails from the trim and instead of pushing just pull them for neat look.
  • The lower window sash must be removed too.
  • Apply force to parting stop, you will not be using the piece of trim again so if it breaks nothing to worry about.
  • The top sash must be removed.
  • After removing the sash liners and springs and if you have pulleys and weights remove all these and then use fiberglass insulation for stuffing the pockets.
  • Now push the vinyl unit into its place, it should be tight against the outside stop. Also drive the mounting screws into the sides, remember that these screws are included in a small package with the new window.
  • If there is need of vinyl trim pieces then install them then for a neat finish caulk around the outside.
  • On the inner side reinstall the parting stop.

Finally, you must take out some time and admire your own work, and achievement that you did the replacements yourself. In this way you will save money in two ways i.e. by doing the installation of the windows yourself, and cutting down the energy expenses.

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Alternative Approach To Treating Psoriasis

Psoriasis, in the Greek language means “to itch”, is actually a chronic disease in which red lesions are formed that further makes patches and scales over the skin. A person who develops such condition feels itching as well as discomfort. This condition can either be mild to severe. An autoimmune disorder, psoriasis has no cure and it is not a contagious or infectious disease. However, psoriasis sufferers can take some measure for reduce the intensity of itching as well as outbreaks. Despite the availability of medicated creams and prescription treatment options most sufferers prefer an alternative method treat it or conjunct Western medical approach with alternative treatment. Before considering any alternative treatments to psoriasis it is important to consult a doctor.


As per naturopathic doctors, red irruptions, the skin inflammation, scales, as well as flakes linked with psoriasis clearly show presence of toxins in the body system. Detoxification is an alternative treatment method for psoriasis which is quite helpful to eliminate harmful poisons and toxins from the liver as well as body. For detox advice about diet program it is best to consult a naturopathic doctor.

Always take healthy and balanced diet. Stay away from such food items and drinks that can aggravate this disease such as shellfish, red meat, spicy foods, red meat as well as tropical fruits, Also avoid beverages that contain caffeine, like strong tea or coffee. However, herbal tea is considered good for psoriasis sufferers.


Herbal Supplements

There are many types of herbal supplements available that are considered effective for liver detoxification. Herbal supplements are quite helpful in enhancing the immune system as well as future recurrence of psoriasis can be prevented too. Some herbs that are used in psoriasis tablets include Peony Red, Moutan, Mellettia, Salvia, Lithospermum, Sophora (root), Gardenia, Carthamus, Smilax and Isatis Root.

Hydra detox system

Hydra detox system is also another detox system. In this method sufferers soak their feet in the machine which is filled with water. This machine is helpful in removing the harmful toxins and this happens through the pores present in the feet.

Stress can aggravate the amount of toxins in a body, as a result of which health and skin are affected. Some can be minimized with the help of alternative methods like yoga, meditation as well sleeping well. Stress free life rebalances our systems to a stronger condition.


Another alternative for controlling psoriasis is acupuncture. As per the Traditional Chinese Medicine, the main cause behind such diseases is blockage or imbalance of energy circulates through the body. The acupuncture helps in restoring the proper flow of energy as well as the body toward balance. The process of acupuncture is carried out with the thin sterile needles that are inserted at particular points on the body. The selection of the points is made as per the problem of patient.

Some psoriasis sufferers have reported improvement with acupuncture while some noticed no improvement at all. Psoriasis sufferers who feel improvement in their condition usually say it takes many treatment methods.

Ayurvedic medicines

Ayurvedic medicines have been in practice in India for more than 5,000 years. In this form of treatment prevention is significant. It’s all about right thinking, balance in life through diet, herbs as well as lifestyle. For managing this disease and to restore health actually involves person’s assessment on the whole and also to find out the type of imbalance. For treating psoriasis, a particular treatment regimen might include topical application mustard and sesame oil; fasting as well as other guidelines of diet; staying away from stress; and regular exercise.

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Psoriasis Awareness Is Important

Psoriasis Cure Through Psoriasis Awareness

The awareness of psoriasis was launched in August to help the suffering people and to draw attention to others who may have been infected. All over the world people have such infectious problem! It is not confined to a limited area for South, North or East or West. August was the month for National Psoriasis Awareness. The awareness was actually and deliberately started with the Hollywood actress Kim Kardashian, who suffers from that enigma. The people have a negative conviction that this disease cannot be cured. But it can be. The press reporters are unaware and not that much deeply interested to find out the cure for psoriasis.


Psoriasis is a chronic type of disease which often erupts in the skin, but it is not contagious. The medical research has found out five type of this disease. When this disease symptom arises one can find out with the rashes which are raised and shoe red color patches with a silvery colored dead skin cells. The trauma is this affliction can occur in any part of the body. This normally attacks the people suffering from diabetics, heart problem or severe depression. There are several people in USA who are suffering from this enigma.

Psoriasis Cure

Psoriasis is such a disease which attacks the dermis and act on the skin cells. The result is the person observes plaques and scales which can produce itchiness and at times are painful. Even today there is no known cure, medically, but there are medications that can reduce the symptoms. Psoriasis cure may be found in the future if there are enough awareness.

When a person does not have the knowledge of what psoriasis is then he goes into several treatments and ends up in fiasco. The eruptions, scaling and the itching is not the only reason, but the understanding of the disease is vital. Unless the sufferer understands the vital aspect of the disease they suffer from depression and that push them back to isolation.

Psoriasis-healthy-skinThe current survey has published that over 94% of GP’s do not have the intention or the time to ask the doctor about the symptom. This is due to lack of knowledge and their negligence to take medical advice. Ultimately, as per the statistics, more than 350 commit suicide because of this phenomenon. A definitive and concrete support of the medical practitioner is necessary to prevent such disastrous calamity. This will perhaps help educate the psoriasis sufferers and can bring a self confidence within them.

Many people ignore the hand patches and the scaly eruptions. They think it is a small physical problem and does not affect the daily chore. But in a social environment they are distinguished and thus they have the mental agony. This also distances relations, working environment because they think it is contagious. This evidently leads to depression and isolation of the person from the real life.

As a matter of fact psoriasis is not contagious and the person suffering from such trauma can mingle with all people and enjoy their social life. This is basically a case of medical observation and nothing more than that. The sufferers should and must be treated equally like other patients. This enigma is not permanent and can be cured if treated properly with the observation of a skilled doctor.

For a psoriasis cure, there are several online communities which advices about psoriasis and how to treat it. They are devotedly engaged for this particular disease. The advice, the experience and their treatment mode can be of extreme help to such persons who are suffering from psoriasis. This site often advice people suffering from psoriasis and the treatment method they have applied to their problem. They offer help and support to such persons and make them understand the fact of the disease.

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