The new healthcare ecosystem: Preparing for decentralized care

"Health systems do an amazing job of returning you to health. However, healthcare is shifting focus to a more personalized, preventive, and holistic view of health. No one else is as well-positioned to deliver on the promise of better lifelong health than health systems, but doing so will require them to invest in those kinds of capabilities." – Jim Costanzo, CEO

To compete in a health ecosystem where care is decentralized and everywhere is the norm, health organizations need to bring the excellence of in-person clinical care outside of hospital walls and engage with consumers before they get sick. They have the opportunity to bring connection, order, precision, and their unique healing touch to a care experience that today feels disjointed and impersonal, by focusing on five key areas:

1. Expanding the organization’s reach

2. Investing in information architecture

3. Developing an enterprise-wide strategy for dealing with data

4. Building digital resilience in a hostile world

5. Supporting people and process

To learn more, download this white paper.

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