KLAS advisory report recognizes Nordic as top performer

MADISON, Wis. – Nordic’s continued excellence is showcased in the KLAS Healthcare IT Advisory 2016 report, which was released this week and recognizes Nordic as an advisory leader. Making its first appearance in the report, Nordic rates as a top performing comprehensive vendor for overall performance. (Click the image for an enlarged view.)

This comes just a few weeks after Nordic was recognized as a top performer in the KLAS Epic Consulting 2016 report released last month.

Nordic is a trusted advisor for optimization projects, evidenced by the fact that Nordic has twice as many validated clinical transformation/optimization engagements as any other firm in the report with a score of 93.1 and is one of only three firms with more than 10 validated revenue cycle redesign/optimization engagements, posting a score of 92.2 in that category.

In the report, Nordic matched the highest percentage of clients identify in what KLAS refers to as a “Sweet Spot” of Providing Knowledgeable and Expert Resources. In addition to their consultants’ expertise, one client identified their honesty and company culture.

“The main thing we have appreciated about working with Nordic Consulting is the culture of their company and consultants,” a client physician said. “They have a culture of authenticity. They present what they have and what they can do, and that is exactly what we get. They are very tactical and real, and they don't waste our time. They are very authentic, and they deliver on their promises. We have worked with some firms in the past who seem to work behind smoke and mirrors and try to present themselves as something they aren't, but Nordic Consulting is real and straightforward with us.”

Another “Sweet Spot” in which Nordic was mentioned above all but one firm is Overall Communication and Executive Touch Points. The report praises Nordic’s consultants for their ability to mesh with client team members and features clients describing their meaningful partnerships with Nordic as opposed to a transactional relationship.

“Nordic Consulting is great with relationship management,” the client said. “There are normal client relationships with vendors, and then there are partnerships with vendors. I actually consider Nordic Consulting to be a partner in a lot of the things that we do. When we have a need, they are extremely easy to work with. The consultants are also high quality; I am extremely satisfied with their knowledge, skill sets, and professionalism. They can come in and integrate with our team quickly; they just jump in and do the work. I am happy with Nordic Consulting all around.”

In terms of project outcomes, Nordic, a limited data vendor, compared very well for tangible benefits among comprehensive vendors (see the image below, click to enlarge).

All KLAS respondents surveyed stated that they would buy from Nordic again.

“We’re proud of all the great advisory work that our consultants have performed to deliver tangible outcomes for our clients,” Nordic CEO Bruce Cerullo said. “We’re glad to see that reflected with so much positive feedback in the report.”