Nordic mentioned more than any firm for key success attributes in 2016 KLAS perception report

MADISON, Wis. – A recent KLAS report shows that healthcare organizations think of Nordic more than any other consulting firm for knowledgeable, talented consultants with hands-on experience. In the KLAS healthcare consulting perception report, Who Can Help with Current and Future Needs?, Nordic received more positive mentions than any other consulting firm. The report provided the responses from healthcare organizations that were asked to identify the consulting companies that have most often demonstrated five key attributes: proficient, collaborative, strategic, efficient, and trustworthy.

Nordic is noted by client partners in the report for its high-quality consultants, and with over 675 consultants, being able to consistently deliver the right resources, right cost, and right timeline.

“Consulting firms need to understand our systems in order to be successful,” one IT director said in the report. “Consultants need to hit the ground running. I don't believe in doing any training. I know that some organizations will send consultants off for training, but we are paying lots of money for the consultants. I expect them to already know what they are doing. I feel like Nordic Consulting is an exemplary firm in that case, specifically with Epic systems.”

Watch a 1-minute video with VP of Consulting Services Katherine Sager discussing the report.

In addition to being mentioned positively more than any other firm in the report, Nordic had the highest percentage of organizations identify its consultants as proficient within the category of implementation and staffing.

“We're really delighted to hear so many positive comments from our clients and find that they are seeing value and success in partnering with us,” Nordic VP of Consulting Services Katherine Sager said. “It speaks to the quality of the consultants we hire as well as the passion that we have for healthcare and helping to make healthcare organizations more successful at what they do.”

Nordic is also recognized for its breadth of services and is proven to be a trusted name for optimization projects. Organizations mentioned 26 different consulting providers that they’re considering to fill future optimization needs, and Nordic was mentioned twice as often as the second most mentioned firm. Among the 20 firms in the report, Nordic was one of only six firms mentioned for being best positioned for the emerging need of analytics consulting.