KLAS clinical optimization report highlights Nordic’s consistency, client satisfaction

MADISON, Wis. Nordic’s track record of helping healthcare organizations improve performance across a wide range of challenges is on display in the latest KLAS report, Clinical Optimization Services 2020. Nordic posted an overall score of 93.3 and more partnerships than any other firm in the report.

The report covers three levers of clinical optimization: workflow refinement, application enhancement, and clinical training. Nordic stands out for consistently delivering a positive experience across clients.

Nordic’s experienced consulting team offers proven performance improvement services that help healthcare organizations increase net revenue, reduce costs, reduce clinical variation, enhance the provider experience, and deliver better patient outcomes.

“This is a crucial time for healthcare organizations,” said Shannon Yasseri, Managing Director and Practice Lead, Performance Improvement. “They were already facing the challenge of doing more with less, and the pandemic has intensified that need and brought a new set of challenges. We’re grateful to be able to partner with organizations to help them solve complex challenges during this important time.”

In the report, client partners rated Nordic 8.5 out of 9.0 for quality of staff and consultants. Nordic has a diverse team of over 900 consultants with clinical, operational, and IT expertise who are invested in their clients’ success. Using proven methodologies, Nordic’s experts remove barriers to change and drive clinical transformation by aligning people, processes, and technology.

“Nordic was able to provide different people to us as needed,” one CMIO partner said in the report. “When we needed consultants with more sophisticated knowledge, Nordic was able to produce experienced senior analysts who had sufficient knowledge to do what we needed them to do. Nordic had different layers of expertise in terms of what we required for our objectives.”

The report highlights some of Nordic’s biggest success drivers as having an experienced responsive staff and strong project management.

“Nordic did a very good job,” another CMIO said. “They were willing to work with us to save on expenses wherever possible without compromising constant contact. Our engagement with Nordic was flawless in terms of responsiveness and excellent project management. The analysts that they brought to work on the project were very knowledgeable about the things we were trying to do.”