Nordic Consulting Embarks on Partnership with Workday

MADISON, Wis. – August 25, 2023 – Nordic Consulting, a global health and technology consulting company, has signed a partnership agreement with Workday, a leader in enterprise cloud applications for finance and human resources. This agreement will add Workday’s solutions into Nordic’s portfolio of ERP Services, covering multiple aspects of human capital management (HCM) and financial management across the entire implementation and support process.

With decades of implementing multiple ERP solutions across many clients inside and outside the healthcare industry, Nordic deeply understands the needs of clients to help them select, sequence, plan, implement, and optimize processes that unlock increased efficiency. Nordic ERP Services also include product agnostic capabilities for project management, organizational change management, and business transformation that are already delivering client benefits.

“Nordic and Workday recognize the expanding client base in healthcare and across geographies of both organizations. This partnership will allow us to collaborate, identify new market opportunities, and provide options to companies in need of ERP solutions across industries,” said Jim Costanzo, CEO at Nordic. “We look forward to this new partnership with Workday that will provide our experienced ERP Services team with more solutions to help organizations streamline operations, and reduce costs.”

Nordic realizes that diverse workforce models and supply chain vulnerabilities demand proven solutions. Therefore, the company partners with best-in-class software and solution providers to tailor plans and implementation projects that meet the unique needs of healthcare organizations, in addition to other industries, including manufacturing, retail, and financial services.

One of the areas that Nordic will focus on is Professional Services Automation, which includes pulling project metrics and tracking individuals’ skills and certifications to match them with the proper projects and clients.

“Service organizations use PSA technology to optimize the return on talent and determine how the cost of talent may impact project margins,” said Jamie Bails, Nordic SVP of ERP Services. “Adding Workday products to our collection of ERP solutions will help enable Nordic to develop more precise roadmaps that meet our clients’ needs, aligning with the support, training, and maintenance Nordic delivers throughout development, implementation, and well beyond go-live.”

“Our partners are a vital part of driving our customers’ success in the face of change,” said Matthew Brandt, SVP Global Partners at Workday. “By combining the power of Workday’s technology with Nordic’s deep consulting expertise we will be able to equip organizations with the right tools to help them digitally transform their businesses.”

Nordic began engagement with Workday as a customer of their HCM solution in 2019, which is now evolving into Nordic’s expanded internal footprint of additional Workday products.


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