Nordic Consulting launches state-of-the-art security operations center

SOC_openingMADISON, Wis. – Nordic Consulting, an award-winning global health and technology consulting company, opened its new security operations center (SOC) at its global headquarters in Madison, WI. Operated by a veteran team of cybersecurity professionals with industry experience from military, public, and private sector service, Nordic’s new state-of-the-art SOC is armed with cutting edge, cloud-enabled technology and is designed to reduce cybersecurity threats across the global Nordic enterprise.

Cybersecurity risks continue to be top of mind for many healthcare organizations. Healthcare companies represent prime targets for phishing and ransomware attacks, with research showing that healthcare records can be valued at $1,000 or more per record depending on the richness of the personal data they contain.


"Creating a SOC is a key step in building resilience in the Nordic enterprise and helps enhance the security posture of Nordic," said Jeff Buss, chief information officer at Nordic. "We have a responsibility to ensure the security of our data and it is at the core of everything we do. Building a world-class SOC illustrates Nordic’s commitment to security. Our new SOC allows for a centralized team, equipped with advanced technologies, to efficiently and effectively respond to any cyber-related event or incident."

The opening of Nordic's SOC coincides with the beginning of Cybersecurity Awareness Month which helps raise awareness of the critical role cybersecurity plays in our ever-evolving digital world.