Nordic Expands Partnership with Fortified to Strengthen Security Operations and Deploy Global Response Capability

Nordic, a global health and technology consulting company, is pleased to announce an expansion of its existing partnership with Fortified Health Security. In 2021, the two companies formed an exclusive partnership — Nordic cybersecurity powered by Fortified — to enhance Nordic’s rapidly expanding portfolio of solutions, enabling its clients to stay ahead of evolving cyber threats across healthcare.

“As a growing global company, we place a priority on prevention, monitoring, and responsiveness to cybersecurity risks. We’re committed to meeting these challenges to protect our internal as well as clients’ data and systems,” said Robert Branchini, Nordic CIO.

As part of the expansion, Fortified will provide the following 24x7x365 services to Nordic's internal operations:

  • Security operations center (SOC)
  • Vulnerability and threat management
  • Third-party risk management
  • Incident response

“The Nordic and Fortified partnership is about advancing cybersecurity in healthcare and protecting patient data. Over the past decade, healthcare organizations have experienced a sharp increase in security breaches, making cybersecurity a top priority. We’re proud to further strengthen our partnership with Nordic to combat cyber threats and create a more secure healthcare ecosystem,” said Dan L. Dodson, CEO of Fortified.

As its managed security service provider, Fortified will work alongside the Nordic team as an integrated partner to ensure that the solutions implemented will help reduce risk and increase its internal cybersecurity posture.

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