StrategicE/M Transition Services

Reducing the evaluation and management coding burden


On Jan. 1, 2021, a new CMS rule brought major changes to E/M coding for outpatient visits. Nordic’s Strategic E/M Transition Services help organizations transition to the updated rules by engaging key stakeholders across the organization to analyze and implement tailored updates that protect revenue, increase physician happiness, and ensure regulatory compliance.

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Our methodology

Throughout the process, we pinpoint risks and opportunities with this transition, and work with you to safeguard your revenue outcomes.

Assess Impact

We perform a comprehensive financial impact analysis to target areas of risk or opportunity

Tailor Support

Our team engages physicians to update and personalize documentation tools to better meet their needs.

Monitor Outcomes

We identify impacts to coders workflows, productivity, and audit methodology

Feedback Loop

Together, we establish a plan for physician and coder feedback and education

Our proven success

We’ve worked with clients who improved their annual net revenue, reduced documentation and coding errors by over 25 percent, reduced physicians’ time spent with clinical review, notes, and orders by nearly 5 minutes per appointment, and increased their cash factor.

Let's work together to increase physician happiness, protect your organization from lost revenue, and ensure regulatory compliance.

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