Nordic to sponsor complimentary wifi at Dane County Regional Airport

MADISON, WI – Beginning April 15, 2014, Nordic Consulting will begin a three-year sponsorship of the
complimentary wireless Internet access at the Dane County Regional Airport.

The complimentary Wi-Fi, provided by SupraNet Communications, replaces the previous system where
travelers were required to purchase a daily, weekly or monthly pass. The 3-Mbps service is suitable
for checking email and Web browsing.

“This upgrade meets a critical need that has been expressed by our passengers and visitors in
the past, further enhancing the traveler experience at the Dane County Regional Airport,” said Dane
County Executive Joe Parisi.

Nordic, a Madison-based firm, provides electronic medical record consulting services, focusing
exclusively on Epic software implementation, optimization, remote support and Connect projects.

“Supporting the community is an important part of Nordic’s mission, and we’re happy to join
forces with SupraNet to sponsor complimentary Wi-Fi at the Dane County Regional Airport,” said Mark
Bakken, Nordic CEO. “We know how important fast, easily accessible service is to our clients, whose
work with electronic medical records is leading to better, safer and more affordable healthcare

In December 2013, SupraNet completed laying fiber optic cable from downtown Madison to the
DCRA to ensure a more reliable Internet connection. The partnership with Nordic will allow SupraNet to
provide additional upgrades to the DCRA Internet infrastructure. Specific improvements include
upgrading the radios to allow for a faster and more consistent Wi-Fi connection.

“Having a strong partner like Nordic will allow us to continuously improve the Internet
experience at the DCRA,” said Bryan Chan, SupraNet's President and Founder. “This partnership and the
improvements it leverages for our community reflect two of SupraNet’s core values: constant
improvement and responsible success. We hope that the improved Internet services SupraNet and
Nordic provide will continue to enrich the DCRA and the Dane County region as an air-travel friendly

SupraNet Communications, Inc. has been providing fast, direct and reliable Internet services to
businesses across South Central Wisconsin since 1994. A strong focus on customer service and dedication
to quality are why over 500 area businesses count on SupraNet for their IT needs.The Dane County
Airport provides a high-quality and convenient option for both leisure and business travelers, with more
than 90 flights arriving and departing daily. SupraNet and Nordic are pleased to be able to offer both
residents and visitors to Madison an easy and trustworthy airport Internet solution.