Nordic taking proactive steps to serve clients more effectively in a COVID-19 world

MADISON, Wis.The COVID-19 pandemic continues to have far-reaching public health and socioeconomic impacts, both in the US and abroad. The current economic disruption has also negatively affected the healthcare organizations that Nordic serves, forcing many to halt projects, cut budgets, furlough employees, reduce or eliminate functions, and focus attention on surge preparation and revenue recovery efforts.

In response to these disruptions, Nordic is taking proactive steps to remain financially stable and well-positioned to serve its 250+ clients across North America. On September 1st, 2020, Nordic announced a displacement of 72 out of its more than 1,000 US-based employees. This difficult decision was preceded by several other cost-saving measures undertaken over the last six months.

Nordic is providing extensive support to its displaced employees as an expression of gratitude for their service, including separation pay based on tenure, wellbeing assistance, and career transition services.

Nordic team members are proud of the long list of successes they’ve helped their clients achieve over the past ten years. As Nordic continues to monitor the impact of COVID-19, the team is honored to partner with many healthcare organizations as they respond to the challenges of the moment. To the clients with whom Nordic has partnered on the frontlines of this pandemic, thank you for your continued confidence and for trusting Nordic to be part of the solution for your communities.

Nordic remains confident in the future of healthcare IT and is adjusting both its services and its approach to meet the needs of a rapidly changing market. Nordic and over 800 expert consultants remain committed to their clients’ success and stand ready to advise healthcare organizations as they navigate an ever-evolving combination of opportunities and constraints. “A workforce reduction is never something you want to do; however, we are committed to supporting our affected employees through the transition period. Moving forward, this reallocation of resources will allow us to better serve the evolving needs of our clients and position Nordic for growth in the months and years to come,” said Nordic CEO Jim Costanzo.

If you have any questions about this announcement or the services Nordic offers, a team member would welcome the chance to speak with you. Contact us