Nordic launches Strategic E/M Transition Services

MADISON, Wis. – To help position healthcare organizations for success with CMS’s proposed Jan. 1, 2021 evaluation and management (E/M) updates, Nordic has launched a new strategic service. Nordic’s Strategic E/M Transition Services will help organizations achieve the desired benefits of the transition: increasing focus on patient care, reducing administrative burden on physicians, and safeguarding current revenue.

It’s been nearly three decades since CMS has made E/M modifications of this magnitude. With the FY2021 proposed rule, scheduled to be finalized in July of this year, healthcare organizations need to begin preparing now. Organizations that aren’t prepared for these changes could face takebacks, future audits, adverse impacts to risk adjustment scores, and other financial and quality implications.

The impacts of the 2021 E/M modifications are much broader than provider documentation and code selection education. In addition to provider education, organizations will need to prepare for the upstream and downstream impact these changes will have on patients, clinicians, and the financial bottom line.

Although organizations are faced with many competing priorities in response to COVID-19, it’s important that they begin to prepare now for the adjusted workflows, EHR configurations, and change management needs for achieving successful outcomes with these E/M updates.

The American Medical Association’s key goals for these new E/M modifications include decreasing the burden of documentation and coding, reducing the need for audits, and minimizing unnecessary documentation for patient care.

To achieve these goals, provider organizations will need to modify current workflows, engage clinic staff and patients in new and different ways, and modify their EHR system.

All of this work requires extensive training and education.

To reduce the administrative burden on providers, guide the transition, and manage financial impacts, Nordic has created a program to lead future state design, configure and optimize the EHR, educate physicians and staff, enhance internal audit programs to prepare for impacted regulatory changes, and create the comprehensive analytics needed to support and maintain this transition.

“Healthcare organizations must strategically transform their future state to meet these new regulatory norms,” Nordic Managing Director Shannon Yasseri said. “They are seeking a trusted partner who has deep clinical, operational, and technical expertise to effectively guide them through all of the changes that are needed. I believe our Performance Improvement team is positioned to comprehensively direct healthcare organizations to achieve more successful outcomes with these changes.”

Nordic’s Performance Improvement team has a proven track record of leading healthcare organizations to achieve strategic outcomes across provider efficiency, patient wellness, care access, digital patient experience, and financial health. Nordic is also a strategic partner with the KLAS Arch Collaborative, working to better use technology to reduce clinical administrative burden and improve healthcare.

“Nordic’s mission has always been to help healthcare organizations create better patient outcomes,” Nordic CEO Jim Costanzo said. “We look forward to reaching more organizations and helping physicians to better focus on their patients and their care.”

Stay informed on the latest updates

To support healthcare organizations in their preparation for this transition, Nordic will be leading a thought leadership series over the coming months to explore aspects of this proposed change. Included in the series, is a free July 15 webinar to discuss the details and implications of the proposed changes and how your organization can prepare. Register today to join.