Nordic shown in KLAS white paper to have one of the widest selections of EHR efficiency services

Clinical and operational efficiency is more important than ever as hospitals and health systems are forced to do more with less. The EHR can be a powerful solution for improving care delivery and optimizing resources, but many providers need help to realize the tool’s full potential. A recent KLAS white paper based on vendor-provided information shows Nordic Consulting has one of the industry's most robust selections of services aimed at streamlining the EHR experience. A follow-up KLAS report will validate the client adoption of Nordic's services.

“The EHR is designed to save time and improve care, however, without discipline and attention to workflow, process, and data use, it can quickly become an obstacle,” said Nordic’s Managing Director of Performance Improvement Mary Sirois. “Nordic partners with health leaders to help them address multiple areas that impact workflow and data use efficiency and effectiveness to ensure they’re getting the most value out of the technology.” 

The KLAS white paper shows Nordic's EHR efficiency services span clinical transformation strategy, technical build assistance, workflow assessment and refinement services, vendor selection, and interoperability optimization. The global health and technology consulting company primarily focuses on helping healthcare organizations accelerate: 

  • Project management
  • Application enhancement
  • Workflow design
  • Personalization labs/sprints
  • Alert/BPA tune-ups
  • Messages
  • Efficiency data analysis and/or documentation improvements
  • EHR selection
  • Clinical utility of outside information

Nordic also offers one of the largest breadths of KLAS-validated offerings for EHR education. As the leading EHR implementor for Oracle Health (formerly Cerner), Epic, and MEDITECH, the company was recognized as Best in KLAS in the categories of Overall IT Services firm and HIT Core Clinical Implementation Leadership for 2023 and 2022.

“The EHR can be a valuable tool for enhancing patient safety and health outcomes, supporting the wellbeing of clinicians, and driving data-driven decision-making,” said Nordic Managing Director and Practice Leader Wally Ward. “Organizations should consider working with a strategic partner to advance the EHR with more efficient and sustainable processes and workflows.”

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