Nordic video series on Epic Conversion Planning: MAKING THE CUT – Episode 5 (Pharmacy)

We’re continuing our focus on your pharmacy. In this episode, Jes Norman covers a lot of ground related to your Automated Dispensing System (ADS) and cutover.

Making the Cut is a Nordic video series that addresses common challenges related to your conversion from legacy systems to going live with Epic. In these episodes, Nordic Director of Operations Projects Lindsay Hudson talks with veteran Nordic consultant Jes Norman about her experiences involving cutover, with a specific emphasis on Willow and your pharmacy.

In this episode Jes focuses on these topics:

  • How do I decide whether to use the existing identity IDs?
  • Why would I change my ADS IDs?
  • What is tricky about ADS cutover plans?
  • What if I can't do a crosswalk?
  • How do you minimize the ADS critical override time?
  • At what point do you get the ADS vendor engaged?
  • What ADS lessons learned can you share?
  • How much contingency planning should you do?

If you have questions about your Epic implementation, optimization, working with affiliates (including acquired organizations), or what is possible via remote support, please contact us. We’d enjoy the conversation.

Time: 11 minutes 57 seconds



Topics: Implementation, EHR project management

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