3 tips for Epic interfaces from Senior Consultant Lee Coleman

Your EHR has a major impact across your organization. Integrating systems can understandably cause some apprehension among individuals who are concerned about how they'll be affected. Senior Consultant Lee Coleman has some simple but important advice to help you put the puzzle pieces together for a successful Epic integration.

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Hey, I’m Lee Coleman. I’m a senior consultant with Nordic.

The things I think are important to integrating with Epic, especially as a consultant, I think the overarching theme is going to basically be keep it simple.

Lee-Coleman.jpgSo first, when it comes to Epic, they’ve done this a lot, and their process is pretty good. They have good tools to get you through the different stages of the process, so you should listen to them, and you should try to use those tools.

The second part of that would be to listen to your organization because sometimes they don’t like the tools because they somehow don’t fit into the process that they have. So one of the things that is useful to do is to take the Epic tool and say let me show you how this fits into this step of your process. Sort of keeping it – hey look, we have all these tools. They’re all ready to go. Let’s figure out how to adapt them to your process instead of creating brand new things.

And I think the third part of that would be keep in mind that your stakeholders have a very disparate background. They range from clinicians to hard core programmers, so try to keep your documentation as simple as possible so that it’s valuable to everyone who it needs to read it. So when you’re trying to get signoff for some document to tell your developers what to do, make sure that the head nurse or your business owner or whoever it is can read it and understand it reasonably well.

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