How remote support can free you for more important go-live and upgrade tasks

You never see a race car driver pull over and change his or her own tires or fill up the gas tank. They have pit crews that are trained to support them. The crew monitors issues and fixes them with expert efficiency. The driver has enough things to worry about and an eye on the finish line.

The same can be said of your team during a go-live or upgrade. There are constant increased support needs, but you want your team driving the car with the on-the-ground work, not changing tires.

In this video, Director of Managed Services Ian Mamminga discusses the ways Nordic has been able to help organizations with remote support and everything from project management to specific solutions as they work through go-live or implement a successful upgrade. If you prefer the written word, the transcript is below.



Hello, my name is Ian Mamminga. I’m the director of Managed Services here at Nordic. I wanted to talk to you today about several items within the EMR lifecycle that create a high volume of work in a relatively short period of time and how Nordic has been helping our clients in those situations.

The first of those would be go-live. Whether that’s your initial go-live, a subsequent phase two rollout, or even just an add-on module. Those events create a very high volume of issues and tickets and requests to follow up on in the weeks and months after the initial go-live.

HIMSS17-Ian.jpgWe’ve been helping clients in that space for a number of years, and our approach is a little different, so I wanted to talk to you a little about that.

What we’re providing is what I’ll call a remote command center where we’re helping our clients work through those tier 2 tickets and issues in a remote capacity and really freeing up your team to do some of the on-the-ground work and doing some more of the rounding and helping the end users at your facility. That’s been a very successful approach for us. If you have any upcoming go-lives and have an interest in it, please reach out.

The other piece that I want to talk a little bit about today is around upgrades. Again, just like the go-lives, that creates a lot of volume of activity in a relatively short period of time, but unlike the go-lives, a lot of times those projects are running parallel with other initiatives and other rollouts. We’ve helped clients in a couple different fashions in that space.

One is really doing everything from the project management to all of the individual components of it. In other cases, we’ve helped with doing more of the solution-specific items. Whether that’s testing or release note review where you want to free up your team to continue to work on some of those other projects as well.

So at either end of the spectrum, we’ve been helping clients with upgrades, and that’s something we’d be happy to talk to you more about if there’s any interest. If there is, please reach out to us, and we’d love to chat more. Thank you.


Topics: Managed Services, Implementation

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