How to implement a successful Community Connect program [video]

Shortly after their initial Epic journey began, Scripps leaders had a vision for a Community Connect program that would offer their ACO members an opportunity to unite under a single electronic health record. The demand was high, and they had an ambitious plan to implement 275 providers over a 3-year period with world-class, white-glove service. Scripps enlisted Nordic’s help to create the foundational elements of the program, lead the first few implementation waves, and work side-by-side with its team as they gradually took full ownership.

The Scripps program has been wildly successful with impressive results and high provider satisfaction. Listen to the leaders at Scripps describe the keys to their success and their advice for other organizations interested in Community Connect.



You can learn more about this project here. Are you interested in learning more about how Nordic can help you build and implement a strong Community Connect program?



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