An innovative approach to end-user enablement: virtual instructor-led training

When you think of online training, what comes to mind? Watching a video while slowly nodding off? Becoming distracted and suddenly realizing you missed the past 30 minutes of instruction? Clicking through annoyingly obvious quiz questions with little relevance to your actual work?

Lauren-GriessmeyerIt’s true. There are plenty of examples of less-than-effective online training examples.

Imagine, though, what might happen if you took the expertise and personalized content developed and delivered by an experienced trainer, mixed that with the best in interactive technology, and removed the travel. What you would have is virtual instructor-led training, or VILT.

VILT is not only an innovative way to engage and enable your teams, but it will also save your organization time and money. Let’s look at just a few of these benefits.

Engaging attendees

The most common feedback from online training is the lack of interaction and participation. VILT uses interactive technology to pull in participants, gather input, and effectively measure comprehension. With an experienced trainer as the lead, participants can virtually raise their hands to answer questions, take part in polls to assess understanding, and even break out into smaller discussion groups. The trainer can then measure engagement by tracking who has answered questions and even call on attendees, just like in a classroom.

Saving you money

Holding training at every satellite location of your organization can be massively expensive. As can sponsoring employees to travel to a central location. VILT cuts out the biggest costs - travel. With attendees able to participate from any location, training can be done quickly and efficiently.

One particularly strong use case in healthcare is training staff members in decentralized locations, such as clinics. With affiliate locations spread across the country or even world, the main healthcare organization can hold centralized virtual instructor-led training for all branches involved. For contracted workers, it ensures proper knowledge transfer without sacrificing time or patient safety.

VILT is becoming increasingly popular with forward-thinking healthcare organizations as an effective, cost-saving way to enable healthcare employees. If you’d like to discuss what VILT might look like at your organization, drop us a line. We’d love to speak with you about your specific needs and how VILT may benefit you.


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