KLAS Ratings for Nordic ERP Services (formerly Bails)


The ERP space has quickly evolved, and Nordic's ERP Services team has grown with these changes while still maintaining that client service focus.

Nordic has been rated by KLAS from interviews with healthcare organizations regarding implementation, upgrade, and system maintenance projects across a wide range of areas including ERP Implementation Leadership and HIT Staffing.

Nordic is also rated by KLAS and received four Best in KLAS awards across four categories, Overall IT Services Firm, HIT implementation Leadership (large), Revenue Cycle Optimization, and Technical Services.  View our press release to learn more.



  • Honest, upfront customer service
  • Consultants are committed to client success
  • Trusted partner


“I really like Nordic's ERP Services team. They just did a really great job, especially with COVID-19. They did exactly what they said they were going to do; the work didn’t take as long as they thought it would, and we came in under budget. Whatever the firm said the fee was going to be per hour is what it was. I would absolutely recommend the firm. They have done a really fabulous job." – VP/Other Executive (Jul 2021)

“The staff and consultant were great. That was one of the reasons why I went with Nordic's ERP Services team. Meeting the consultant that we were dealing with showed me that they had knowledge. When we brought up a problem, the consultant would tell us what they could do. They were very specific and told us how to fix things. I really thought that the consultant spoke well. The communication style was great. The other trainers that I have met seem to be the same. They seem to be quality trainers. They are personable and communicative, and they provide a lot of knowledge." – VP/Other Executive (Jul 2021)


Topics: ERP Services

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