Webinar recap: How to reduce the burden of quality reporting

We hear a lot these days about "letting doctors be doctors." One way proactive organizations are trying to make that a reality is by improving processes so clinicians can operate at "top of license." That is, they can spend time doing work that only they are qualified to do. Sounds great. So, where do we start?

One study found that physician practice groups spend an average of 15.1 hours per provider, per week dealing with external quality measures.* If that's true, then quality measure reporting is a great place to focus on process improvement and creating more time for the moments that matter - practicing medicine. 

With that in mind, Nordic's Managed Services recently piloted an innovative new Quality & Regulatory Support Solution. To share the results of that pilot, a few of the clinical and regulatory experts on that team hosted a webinar to explain the project and the benefits: reducing the cost, maintenance, and administrative burden of quality reporting. They discussed the results and shared recommendations for how you might improve your quality and regulatory reporting programs.

Here are the key topics the team addresses in the webinar:

  • The hidden cost of regulatory reporting and steps you can take right now to reduce the impact on your bottom line
  • A collaborative model to your success, creating shared purpose and value for payers, healthcare organizations, and patients
  • How to simplify and reduce the technical burden of quality reporting on your providers

Below is a recording of the webinar. If it sparks some inspiration, let's talk about how we can help you make some changes at your organization.



* According to a 2016 study published in Health Affairs. 

Topics: Managed Services, quality measures

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