HIT Breakdown 2 - What does a great population health program look like?

In our first podcast, Dr. David Levin (Nordic) and Susan Marks (Amati Health) covered the basics of population health. With our second show, we’re starting to get practical.

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Join Dave and Susan as they explain what makes a great population health program and a five-step model you can use to move closer to the improved outcomes you are after.

If you want to talk about population health or other challenges related to getting the most out of your EHR, please contact us. We'd enjoy the conversation.

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Show notes

[00:41] - Quick review of definition of population health

[02:35] - Recent relevant experiences in population health

[05:10] - Could these programs apply to specific populations (e.g., Diabetes) and broad populations (e.g., rising risk)?

[05:58] - Five-step model for a population health program

[07:45] - Similarities with performance improvement

[08:22] - Step 1. Identify

[09:34] - Step 2. Stratify that population (divide into segments – segments based on risk)

[10:56] - Socioeconomic factors

[11:21] - Step 3. Engagement

[13:26] - Step 4. Intervention

[14:09] - Step 5. Measurement (How do you define “better?”)

[15:20] - Clinical, financial, and process measures

About the HIT Breakdown

In the HIT Breakdown, we interview industry experts on topics related to health information technology. While the topics will often be related to your Epic EHR, we’ll also be talking about broader issues and strategic challenges that impact your ability to improve healthcare.


Topics: improved outcomes, EHR, population health, Epic

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