Is your EHR setting up your merger or acquisition for success?

If your healthcare organization is merging with or acquiring another health system, you know that unifying your EHR is one of your top priorities for ensuring a seamless new partnership. A consolidated EHR isn't just about implementing IT. It can fundamentally change the way you provide care by transforming your clinical systems and impacting the way your clinicians work.

Just as a strong EHR consolidation or extension can set the stage for a happy, healthy partnership, an issue-laden process can create problems with care, communication, and morale that linger long after the project has finished.

In this video, VP of Affiliate Solutions Abby Polich, MBA, discusses how Nordic can help your organization through its merger or acquisition, from developing your strategy to implementing your unified EHR to ensuring long-term application support.

If you would prefer to read rather than listen, Abby's transcript is below.



Hi, I'm Abby with Nordic. At Nordic, we're seeing a large increase in our client partners who are either merging or acquiring other health systems. As our partners are tasked to do more with less, a consolidation is a solid growth strategy that can help to save money as well as gain efficiencies.

Abby-Polich.jpgAt Nordic, we can help focus on your unified organizational goal. We can focus on change management, both operationally and in your IT department. A consolidated electronic medical record can be the springboard for a positive merger or acquisition experience. You're not only changing the sign out front or the color of scrubs, but you're also changing the way you provide patient care.

At Nordic, we've worked with over 40 organizations on extension projects, and we have over 300 consultants with expertise in extension projects as well. We can help support workflow analysis, system build, testing, provide training and go-live support, and also help post-live with tier 2 application support.

If you'd like to talk about your merger or acquisition, please reach out.


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