Backfilling for clinical team members redeployed to the front lines

Your IT teams are working tirelessly to enable your front-line workers to support your community. You're being asked to ensure technology can support unique workflows that a few months ago you never would've dreamed your organization would be implementing. Some of your clinical IT team members may have been pulled back into patient care, further increasing your team’s workload.


As organizations are calling in clinical reinforcements from across the country, know that we stand in your corner ready to help. Whether you need short-term support, on-call help, or just a few hours of help to give your team some relief, we are here and able to be as flexible as you need us to be. Here are a few ways we are helping  our partner healthcare organizations meet four common challenges in the world of COVID-19:

Screening and testing patients

To help organizations safely screen and test patients for COVID-19, our consultants have been helping organizations with these challenges:

  • Rapidly implementing telehealth to support screening and remote patient monitoring
  • Configuring patient screening questionnaires in patient portals such as MyChart
  • Configuring Cadence scheduling questionnaires to screen and triage patients
  • Implementing workflows to support drive-up COVID-19 testing or testing at designated sites

Preparing for a surge

With organizations preparing for a surge in patients, our consultants can help with all the needed build and testing to support opening new units and field hospitals, including

  • Completing facility structure build (new rooms, beds, units, patient location facility records, level of care groupers)
  • Collaborating with ancillary systems for their parallel build
  • Conducting mapped record testing
  • Updating bed planning, EVS and transport build

Access and training for added staff

As your organization redeploys clinical staff and brings in reinforcements, you’ll need to make sure they have the needed system access and training. Our consultants ensure you are working to rapidly get these users up and running by handling tasks:

  • Performing new user build and provisioning across EMP and SER records
  • Updating security build and access as staff are deployed to new roles
  • Converting in-person training to virtual training and helping to train your staff remotely

Getting data into the right hands

It’s critical to get key data in the hands of public health authorities and your leadership to aid in decision making. Our data and analytics experts have helped organizations stand up reporting tools to expose key information including

  • System capacity including availability of ICU beds, negative pressure beds, and ventilators
  • Supporting a data submission process to communicate internally and with public health officials/CDC on patients screened and treated at your health system
  • Statistics and geo-patterns of confirmed, pending, and possible COVID-19 cases
  • COVID-19 analytics showing insights into current revenue impact and future financial recovery opportunities

Other challenges?

These are a few of the many challenges we're currently helping our clients face. If you have other challenges or questions related to COVID-19, let us know at our no-cost service, Thank you for all you are doing. We're here for you and ready to help.

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