Nordic consultants go above and beyond for happy holiday

By John Pollard, Nordic Marketing Team

One of the great parts of my job is hearing all the amazing stories that are happening in the field. Although this story came to me a bit “after the season,” it is still most worthy of sharing.

One of our consultants, Charles Flint, was working at MemorialCare in Orange County, Calif.—a client that has a large marginalized population. As Charles put it, “they come and get great care. Kids are exceptionally cared for.” Charles shared his soft spot for pediatrics with me.


One of the programs MemorialCare has during the winter holidays is an “adopt a family” at the Children’s Hospital.

Charles said that every family had been adopted except for one. The last family had a boy with Leukemia. He had a single mom who drove an incredibly long distance every day between work and home and the hospital. The only thing she requested was a gas card. The only thing the little boy asked for was one toy—one Lego toy. Charles was impressed by the humility of the family.

As our Nordic consultants gathered to celebrate the holidays, Charles shared this family’s need in advance and suggested that Nordic consultants bring whatever they felt they wanted to bring for this family. He shared the needs and desires of the mother and son.

In the end, our Nordic team collected over $800 for the family—in addition to a heap of toys for the little boy. The team dug deep and wrote heartfelt notes to both the mother and her son.

The little boy and his mom will (likely) never know where the gifts came from as the team simply signed the gifts as coming from “Santa.”

It’s a pretty cool story that certainly did not go unnoticed by the staff.

Charles ended his sharing of this story with “Kudos to Nordic for recruiting amazing talent, but also with the heart for this sort of thing. The type of people who are going to give of themselves and their resources for what really matters. This speaks volumes to the type of people Nordic hires.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Topics: Culture, corporate social responsibility

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