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Securing healthcare data: The critical need for cyber resilience

Healthcare systems are embracing technology-driven advancements like telehealth, remote patient monitoring, and 5G connectivity, enabling decentralized care at scale. However, as reliance on technology increases, so do the risks of security breaches, with the potential to cause considerable operational disruption and millions of dollars in damage. Learn more about shoring up your security posture in our latest article.

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Building long-term ROI with BI modernization

The amount of data in healthcare is astonishing, but most data have been underutilized.

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What’s cloud got to do with it?

Modernizing a health system’s data enterprise through cloud transformation prepares it for the future and benefits functions across the organization. Learn more about the benefits of cloud modernization in our latest blog by Kevin Erdal, Managing Director and Practice Lead of Digital Health.

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Five healthcare interoperability myths debunked

Every healthcare organization is on an interoperability journey. We've debunked five interoperability myths that may be preventing your organization from moving forward.


Why healthcare needs a Dewey Decimal System for Data Governance

Nordic's Director of Advisory Services - Data & Analytics Kevin Erdal explains why organizations should be prioritizing data governance and creating a better system for classifying and managing healthcare data.

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