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Nordic video series: “Beaker Buzz” Episode 9

In this episode: What are effective staffing strategies for Epic Beaker installs? Where is the biggest “bang for your buck” in using consultants for Epic Beaker installs? Is there particular integration expertise that is useful when evaluating team members (FTE or consultants)? What types of experiences specific to AP and CP should you look for?


Nordic video series: “Beaker Buzz” Episode 8

In this episode: How can operational engagement affect an Epic Beaker install? What are successful strategies for engaging operational leadership? What are effective strategies for communicating throughout the project?


Nordic video series: “Beaker Buzz” Episode 4

In this episode, Lauren starts the conversation with Mallory on Beaker with a focus on a few "Beaker newbie" topics: What is clinical pathology (CP)? What is anatomic pathology (AP)? What are the considerations for moving to CP, AP or both? Why would a client replace their LIS or pathology system (or both)?


Nordic video series: “Beaker Buzz” Episode 1

In this first installment of Beaker Buzz, Practice Director Lauren Griessmeyer interviews Nordic’s Aaron Herzog on the following topics:Beaker strengths, Beaker integration, Beaker interfaces and Beaker consultants.

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