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ROI from your EHR: Three focus areas for a brighter budgeting season

'Tis the season for budget planning. To help guide your planning process, Aaron Mann, director of business development, shares three main areas your organization can focus on to realize a demonstrable return on your investment.

provider efficiency

How to make MyChart as indispensable as Amazon [podcast]

Learn how to optimize MyChart usage to make the application more accessible and enjoyable for patients and providers using Epic for care.

provider efficiency

Two changes that allow growing patient volume without negative impact [4-min. video]

What happens when your patient volume increases and nothing else changes? Learn about the challenges and two things you can do to prevent them.

provider efficiency

[4-min. video] Finding the perfect number of patients

What kind of patient volume can you handle before patients get frustrated with wait times? Before the variability impacts patient safety, outcomes?

provider efficiency

Apply supply and demand to grow strategically while increasing revenue and reputation

Applying supply and demand mechanics and queuing theory principles can help us to more easily understand the dynamics at play, support balance measures, and frame improvement opportunities.

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Get the highest quality chemistry and microbiology testing services aligned closely with current good manufacturing practices (CGMP) for all types of products across all phases of development.

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