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The importance of land acknowledgment

In this edition of The Remedy, Laura Copeland, MD, of Healthtech Consultants shares a bit about the history behind Canada’s National Day for Truth and Reconciliation and how learning about the indigenous history of the land on which you live and work can help guide decision making.


The dream of patient access and flow

In this edition of The Remedy, Laura Copeland, MD, of Healthtech Consultants paints the picture of the healthcare system of our dreams.


From back office to partners in care: The evolution of hospital information technology departments

This edition of The Remedy reviews a brief history of the hospital IT department, digital health’s current state as partners in care, and what the future could hold for health IT.


Paper to electronic paradigm shift in healthcare

In Dr. Laura Copeland’s latest blog, she outlines concepts required for the mental paradigm shift to move from paper to electronic systems, leading to an intuitive and satisfactory end-user experience.


Taking the temperature of health systems

The heat on healthcare continues to rise. In this blog, Healthtech Consultants’ CMIO, Dr. Laura Copeland, shares ways to give your health system a little love to cool things down.


Happiness, recruitment, and retention

In our latest blog, Dr. Laura Copeland CMIO of Healthtech Consultants, a Nordic company, shares how implementations that consider happiness, recruitment, and retention as part of its criteria can help to freeze the squeeze.

Health IT

Curing the post-implementation blues

The cure for post-implementation blues lies in the ability to understand and plan for continual change.


Rise in telehealth sessions alone won't create great patient experiences [podcast]

Dr. Laura Copeland discusses her years of experience with virtual care and how to improve the experience for patients and providers.

change management

Managing change on a burning platform

CMIO Dr. Laura Copeland explains that when life presents us with a burning platform, we must change the way we change.

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