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Human-centered design for Canadian healthcare technology

Four forces are shaping the Canadian healthcare market. Healthtech Associate CMIO Kristina Garrels, MD, discusses the opportunity to leverage these forces through a human-centered lens to improve the giving and receiving of care.

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Making Rounds: Lab information, at your service [Podcast]

In today's episode of In Network's podcast, "Making Rounds," Jerome Pagani, PhD, is joined by Nordic experts to discuss the benefits of lab information systems (LIS), data distinctions, and their impact on clinical workflows.

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Securing healthcare data: The critical need for cyber resilience

Healthcare systems are embracing technology-driven advancements like telehealth, remote patient monitoring, and 5G connectivity, enabling decentralized care at scale. However, as reliance on technology increases, so do the risks of security breaches, with the potential to cause considerable operational disruption and millions of dollars in damage. Learn more about shoring up your security posture in our latest article.

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Designing for Health: Interview with Bre Loughlin [Podcast]

In this episode of the In Network podcast feature, Designing for Health, Nordic Chief Medical Officer Craig Joseph, MD, and Head of Thought Leadership Jerome Pagani, PhD, are joined by Bre Loughlin, CEO and founder of Nurse Disrupted, Inc. Bre discusses how technology and workflows can improve health systems and retain staff while emphasizing simplicity in new innovations.

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Burnout's triple threat: Compromising care, clinicians, and cash flow

Burnout can lead to turnover and workforce reductions, impacting quality of care and revenue in any healthcare system. Find out how you can combat burnout in the latest edition of the Checkup by Dr. Craig Joseph.

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Screen, stream, support: The tech-driven future of mental health

The U.S. mental health crisis is exacerbated by disparities in access to care. Technology-driven solutions can reshape the future of mental health care.

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Designing for Health: Interview with Evan Heigert [Podcast]

In this episode of In Network's Designing for Health podcast feature, Nordic Chief Medical Officer Craig Joseph, MD, and Head of Thought Leadership, Jerome Pagani, PhD, chat with Evan Heigert, creative director at Wolters Kluwer Health.

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Making Rounds: Under new (data) management [Podcast]

On today’s episode of the Making Rounds podcast, Nordic Head of Thought Leadership Jerome Pagani, PhD, sits down with Digital Health Practice Leader Kevin Erdal and Head of EHR Implementation Services Andy Splitz. They discuss the complex nature of EHR implementations, the global landscape where organizations are only now starting to move to digitization, and how imperative it is that data management is done well and with real end-users in mind.

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The importance of land acknowledgment

In this edition of The Remedy, Laura Copeland, MD, of Healthtech Consultants shares a bit about the history behind Canada’s National Day for Truth and Reconciliation and how learning about the indigenous history of the land on which you live and work can help guide decision making.

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Want to improve patient safety? Up your EHR’s usability

A recent study discovered a significant link between the safety of EHR systems and the user experience of frontline clinicians. The frustration caused by poorly designed EHRs could affect patient safety, read more from Craig Joseph, MD, in this edition of the Checkup.

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Designing for Health: Interview with Tricia Baird, MD [Podcast]

In this episode of the In Network podcast feature, Designing for Health, Nordic Chief Medical Officer Craig Joseph, MD, and Head of Thought Leadership Jerome Pagani, PhD, sit down with Vice President of Care Coordination at Corewell Health West, Tricia Baird, MD.

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Making Rounds: Emerging opportunities with cloud-based EHRs [Podcast]

Cloud technologies have become the backbone of clinical care delivery, supporting the drive to innovate. Health systems looking to strategically transform their operations by doing ‘more with less’ are finding cloud-based transformation as a beneficial asset. Tune into the latest episode of making rounds to learn more.43

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