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From burnout to balance: The untapped power of medical assistants in healthcare

In this edition of The Checkup, Craig Joseph, MD, discusses the untapped potential of leveraging medical assistants to combat clinician burnout and enhance patient care. Read more about how team collaboration can lead to improved outcomes and physician satisfaction.


No EHR, no problem: Rediscovering patient care and clinical teamwork in a tech blackout

In this edition of The Checkup, Craig Joseph, MD, discusses how a technology blackout highlighted the importance of patient-centered care and clinical teamwork.


Paper towels: A quicker picker-upper for poor usability?

Sometimes, creating order out of chaos means stepping out of the EHR and resorting to pen and paper, or in this case, marker and paper towels. Read more from Dr. Craig Joseph in this edition of The Checkup.


The relationship Rx: Unlocking healthcare’s hidden superpower through human-centered design

Chief Medical Officer Craig Joseph, MD shares how to unlock healthcare's hidden superpower through human-centered design.


Beyond medicine: Envisioning healthcare's role in fostering community and connection

Discover the challenges of implementing medical devices at home for patient care. Explore the risks and benefits of the hospital-at-home concept in healthcare.


Bedroom blunders: The hidden usability issues of hospital-at-home devices

As more medical devices are being used to care for patients outside the hospital and inside the home, manufacturers need to consider usability challenges to maintain patient safety and improve outcomes. Learn more from Craig Joseph, MD.


Trust or bust: Healing healthcare's credibility crisis

Trust is the foundation of any healthcare system. But in the U.S., it has eroded greatly since the pandemic. Restoring confidence in those who care for us is critical. In this blog post, Chief Medical Officer Craig Joseph, MD, shares a variety of suggestions for rebuilding trust.


To sit or not to sit: How a chair can affect patient satisfaction

A recent study highlights an example of choice architecture and the role that nudges play in patient care and satisfaction. Read more from Chief Medical Officer Craig Joseph, MD.

value-based care

How to succeed in value-based care without really trying

Moving from a volume-based to a value-based care system takes a multifaceted approach. Dr. Craig Joseph offers his advice for a successful transition.


Before implementation, think about prehabilitation

After a medical procedure, it’s common to go through a rehabilitation process. A lesser-known but emerging concept is prehabilitation. Similar lessons can be useful for healthcare organizations when undergoing large transformations or technological implementations.


Apollo’s Curse: When AI Predicts and Doctors Resist

AI is an increasingly popular tool in healthcare, but a recent study from Vanderbilt Health shows many physicians still go with their own best judgment. Read more from Dr. Craig Joseph.


Burnout's triple threat: Compromising care, clinicians, and cash flow

Burnout can lead to turnover and workforce reductions, impacting quality of care and revenue in any healthcare system. Find out how you can combat burnout in the latest edition of the Checkup by Dr. Craig Joseph.

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