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An inch deep and a mile wide

The knowledge currently behind AI is wide but not deep. The words are there, but true understanding hasn't reached its full potential.


Will AI help healthcare systems fight against disintermediation?

In the latest edition of the Checkup, Dr. @CraigJoseph reviews use cases for AI in healthcare to free up time for more human-driven work. It’s not the be-all and end-all to fix healthcare, but a step in the right direction.

Health IT

Doctor, do you mind the interruption?

Clinical decision support is often associated with pop-up alerts that take over the screen and interrupt workflow. Dr. Craig Joseph discusses why non-interruptive clinical decision support needs to become the norm.


The impending crisis in healthcare: Lessons from SVB's collapse

Recent banking failures have raised alarm bells for many, even those in the healthcare industry. In this edition of the Checkup, Dr. Craig Joseph tells a cautionary tale of the parallels between banking collapse and the current strain on healthcare systems.


Be the Poison Control (or help desk) operator your colleagues need you to be

In this edition of the Checkup, Dr. Craig Joseph frames clinical helpdesks as specialized helplines to provide streamlined assistance and increase efficiencies.


Choice architecture to the rescue

EHR workflows can often benefit from purposeful design tweaks to improve clinical needs and operational efficiencies. Find out how in this edition of the Checkup from Dr. Craig Joseph.

Health IT

See a Mumpsimus? Stop a Mumpsimus!

Help stop mumpsimuses at the source! The pandemic exposed many of these unreasonable traditions and has proven we should reconsider their use in healthcare.


Unduly noted: Why EHR documentation is creating an informational quagmire

In this week's edition of the Checkup, Dr. Craig Joseph explains why we need to rip off the Band-Aid to decrease documentation burden. EHR technology has made it increasingly easy to compile necessary data into the progress note.


To charge or not to charge

In this edition of the Checkup, Dr. Craig Joseph investigates the dichotomy of patient-initiated messaging as healthcare systems attempt to alleviate message overload.

Help Desk

Tired: Help desk. Wired: How desk!

Help desks are often underutilized, but fully leveraging this resource can provide educational benefits and valuable intel to improve patient care.

Help Desk

If you build it, they will come

Dr. Craig Joseph details how a highly functioning service desk is an essential, strategic asset for healthcare organizations in the latest Checkup.

Health IT

De-implementation: “Just say no” isn’t enough

In the latest Checkup, Dr. Craig Joseph shares why a well-thought-out research-backed de-implementation approach is needed to achieve better patient care.

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