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Patient referral leakage: Are health systems making it easy to do the right thing?

Read about the real impact that referral leakage has on health systems in the latest Checkup by Dr. Craig Joseph.


An ounce of prevention

Learn more about how we can better prevent, not just treat, healthcare worker burnout in the latest Checkup from Dr. Craig Joseph.


Essential ephemera: The sad, over-too-quickly life of a wearable datum

The devices we wear are capable of generating millions of data points every day. But are there ways we can better utilize this information to improve the lives of patients? Read the latest Checkup from Dr. Craig Joseph to learn more.


“Clickbusters” can bust more than clicks

How did Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) improve their clinical decision support tools, and what does this have to do with a golden mouse? Read the latest Checkup from Dr. Craig Joseph to learn more about the “Clickbusters” initiative, and how this program brought together a team of clinicians invested in improving EHR usage.


User-centered system design can help save lives

The Checkup blog series continues from last week with part 2 providing an in-depth look that focuses on the systemic problems that played a large part in the tragic case of RaDonda Vaught, and how a user-centered focus can decrease the likelihood of such a problem happening again.


It takes a system to keep us safe

In his most recent blog (part 1 of 2), Dr. Craig Joseph outlines the circumstances involved in the case of RaDonda Vaught, a Tennessee nurse found culpable in the death of patient Charlene Murphey in 2017. Read on to learn more about the case.


Guidelines will rule the world

What role will guidelines play in the future of healthcare? Read Dr. Craig Joseph's latest Checkup to learn more.


Houston, we have a data problem

Data are essential in providing the best, most accurate care for healthcare consumers. But how do you find the right balance between too much data and not enough? Read more from Dr. Craig Joseph.


Where will “homeless data” live?

It’s estimated that we create 1.145 trillion MB of data every day. Can this data help our healthcare providers provide better care? Read more from Dr. Craig Joseph.


Should doctors care about your address?

A person's address is an excellent marker to determine social determinants of health but is also crucial to match disparate information across health systems. Learn more from Dr. Craig Joseph.


If you try sometimes, you get what you need

As more and more feral apps get introduced into the healthcare ecosystem, it’s critical that both physicians and IT teams get what they need from them. What is that exactly? Read more to find out.


You can't always get what you want

The apps that come with today’s EHRs may not be exactly what we want, but unfortunately, that’s what we get until true interoperability is achieved. Read more from CMO Dr. Craig Joseph.

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