Will AI help healthcare systems fight against disintermediation?

In the latest edition of the Checkup, Dr. @CraigJoseph reviews use cases for AI in healthcare to free up time for more human-driven work. It’s not the be-all and end-all to fix healthcare, but a step in the right direction.


Making Rounds: Leveraging analytics to create efficiencies [Podcast]

Healthcare is sitting on a trove of data just waiting to be activated to increase efficiencies and create better experiences for clinicians and patients.


Freezing the squeeze on the Canadian primary care system

In this edition of The Remedy, Dr. Laura Copeland and Thomas O’Shaughnessy discuss why healthcare organizations should focus on investing in technology, encouraging workforce growth, and accelerating alternative funding models to protect and strengthen the state of Canadian primary care.


Designing for Health: Interview with Chris McCarthy, Part 2 [Podcast]

Nordic Chief Medical Officer Dr. Craig Joseph and Head of Thought Leadership Dr. Jerome Pagani continue their conversation with Chris McCarthy of ILN Coaching and Consulting to discuss the origins of the Innovation Learning Network and much more.

Health IT

Doctor, do you mind the interruption?

Clinical decision support is often associated with pop-up alerts that take over the screen and interrupt workflow. Dr. Craig Joseph discusses why non-interruptive clinical decision support needs to become the norm.


Designing for Health: Interview with Dr. Archana Tedone [Podcast]

In this episode of the In Network Designing for Health podcast, Nordic Chief Medical Officer Dr. Craig Joseph and Head of Thought Leadership Dr. Jerome Pagani chat with organizational psychologist and assistant professor at the University of Baltimore Dr. Archana Tedone.


Expanding women’s health: Addressing health disparities with innovations

Technology has revolutionized many aspects of our life, including how care is delivered and received by patients. In this blog, Dr. Jerome Pagani dives into what technology can do to support women on their healthcare journey, as well as the desperate need for a more holistic approach to their care.


Making Rounds: Modernizing business intelligence for stronger data analysis [Podcast]

In the latest episode of Making Rounds, Dr. Jerome Pagani speaks with digital data experts Kevin Erdal and Michelle Peranelli about the challenges of healthcare data analysis and what’s needed for successful BI modernization.


The impending crisis in healthcare: Lessons from SVB's collapse

Recent banking failures have raised alarm bells for many, even those in the healthcare industry. In this edition of the Checkup, Dr. Craig Joseph tells a cautionary tale of the parallels between banking collapse and the current strain on healthcare systems.


Designing for Health: Interview with Chris McCarthy [Podcast]

ILN Coaching & Consulting’s Chris McCarthy speaks with Nordic Chief Medical Officer Dr. Craig Joseph and Head of Thought Leadership Dr. Jerome Pagani in this episode of In Network’s Designing for Health podcast.


Paper to electronic paradigm shift in healthcare

In Dr. Laura Copeland’s latest blog, she outlines concepts required for the mental paradigm shift to move from paper to electronic systems, leading to an intuitive and satisfactory end-user experience.

digital health

Driving Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Nordic's Executive VP and President, Europe and Middle East Kieran Hughes lays out recent examples of Nordic helping healthcare systems overcome these challenges to meet their digital transformation journey goals.

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