Guide to interoperability for healthcare leaders

There are a plethora of challenges keeping healthcare leaders up at night. Is interoperability the key to solving them? Read more to find out.


Assessing the value of application managed services

An effective AMS program ensures reliable and user-friendly systems. Consider how to balance the quality and cost of support in this infographic.

Advisory Services

Balancing humanity and technology in the future of healthcare

Healthcare systems have transformed over the past few years, offering an increasing amount of digital services in place of in-person visits. How can we bridge the gap between these offerings to ensure the best care for patients? Read more from Jo Smith, Nordic's EMEIA Healthcare Advisory Services Leader.

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Five healthcare interoperability myths debunked

Every healthcare organization is on an interoperability journey. We've debunked five interoperability myths that may be preventing your organization from moving forward.


Better data and education will improve outcomes for LGBT2QIA+ patients

Targeted, education-based interventions can make a vast difference in addressing health disparities for the LGBTQ2IA+ community.

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Standards-based technologies are key to healthcare interoperability wins

Adding functionality to the EHR one app at a time has historically been a painful process. Today, we have standards-based technologies that allow for robust EHR integration with minimal installation and implementation overhead.

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Why healthcare leaders should embrace the cloud

As healthcare organizations begin to build their post-COVID-19 IT roadmaps, cloud solutions have become a crucial part of their modernization and transformation.

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How interoperability and cloud transformations can support healthcare organizations [podcast]

Kevin Erdal hosts a conversation with Nordic’s Saran Sonaisamy and Reza Chapman, and AWS’ Jimmy DeLurgio on the technical components of cloud transformation.


Where will “homeless data” live?

It’s estimated that we create 1.145 trillion MB of data every day. Can this data help our healthcare providers provide better care? Read more from Dr. Craig Joseph.


6 ways to stay cybersafe in 2022

Last year was quite the year for cybersecurity. In honor of Data Privacy Day we have compiled a list of tips to help you stay cybersafe this year.


Should doctors care about your address?

A person's address is an excellent marker to determine social determinants of health but is also crucial to match disparate information across health systems. Learn more from Dr. Craig Joseph.


Doing what’s right: Expert teams and engaging culture fuel Nordic’s continued growth

KLAS has just rated Nordic among the top firms well-positioned to help healthcare organizations solve future problems. Read on to learn how our maxims and dedication to a positive culture helped us get here.

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