Designing for Health: Interview with Karim Jessa, MD [Podcast]

In the latest episode of the In Network podcast feature Designing for Health, Karim Jessa, MD, joins Head of Thought Leadership Jerome Pagani, PhD, and Chief Medical Officer Craig Joseph, MD, to share his perspective on the Canadian healthcare landscape, including how the industry differs from that of the U.S., the state of its IT, and how its physicians interact with the EHR.

revenue cycle

Margin improvement transformation: An additional 1% increase in margin improvement and still growing

The second phase of Nordic's transformative engagement with Lawrence General Hospital helps achieve revenue goals and increase margins.


The fog of more: Price transparency will increase health systems’ competition for patients

In the latest edition of Office Hours, Jerome Pagani, PhD shares that health systems need to think holistically about their role in the health ecosystem, how to attract and retain patients, and how to align cost and quality that matches the increasingly empowered health consumer.


The Pan-Canadian Interoperability Roadmap: Does it get us where we need to go?

Fragmented care in Canadian health systems was exacerbated by COVID-19, causing a direct impact on patient/physician relations. Kristina Garrels of Healthtech, discusses recent strides made and the overall need for #data delivery in an accurate and concise fashion.


Designing for Health: Interview with Dr. A Jay Holmgren [Podcast]

Dr. A Jay Holmgren, assistant professor in the Department of Medicine at UC San Francisco, joins Dr. Jerome Pagani and Dr. Craig Joseph in the latest episode of the In Network podcast feature Designing for Health.

3 ways a strategic partner can strengthen your IT staffing operations

Katherine Sager (Executive Vice President, Staffing Services) shares how the right strategic partner can help you navigate the complexities of finding and placing highly skilled, experienced professionals.

Health IT

Note bloat, we can’t quit you

Compared to nations with similar economies, progress notes in the U.S. are extremely voluminous. In this edition of the Checkup, Dr. Craig Joseph dives into the perils of note bloat and what’s needed to course correct.

digital health

Making Rounds: The hopes and promises of AI [Podcast]

In this episode of In Network’s podcast feature Making Rounds, Nordic Head of Thought Leadership Dr. Jerome Pagani sits down with Nordic’s Digital Health Practice Leader Kevin Erdal and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Craig Joseph to discuss recent strides in generative AI, the promise it holds, and if the hype around it is warranted.

Performance Improvement

Alleviating financial pressures with revenue cycle improvements [Infographic]

Strengthening financial sustainability and enhancing business operations is key to delivering high-quality care. Learn more in our latest infographic.


Designing for Health: Interview with Dr. Manish Patel [Podcast]

The latest episode of the Designing for Health podcast features CEO Dr. Manish Patel, along with hosts Dr. Jerome Pagani and Dr. Craig Joseph to talk about AI, the founding of his company, and how AI can and will revolutionize the healthcare industry.

Managed Services

Unlocking the value of IT in healthcare

The need for efficiency has gained urgency as pressure is added to health systems and IT services are the first to be cut. In his latest blog, Paul Slaughter advocates for a comprehensive managed services strategy to transform care delivery.

Performance Improvement

Advancing consumer-centric healthcare with a digital front door

Healthcare leaders prioritize high-quality patient experiences, but patients often find healthcare encounters inconvenient, inconsistent, and confusing. Digital front door strategies improve access and health equity.

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