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Can OpenNotes be too open?

Can OpenNotes be too open? In the latest Checkup, Dr. Craig Joseph lays out the pros and cons of OpenNote in healthcare systems.


Overcoming frozen thinking in healthcare

Learn the indicators of frozen thinking and the advantages to a fluid approach in the latest Checkup from Dr. Craig Joseph.

decentralized care

Meet the patient where they are (At the barber shop!)

Learn about the benefits of meeting patients where they are in the latest Checkup by Dr. Craig Joseph.


Healthcare interoperability can put people first

A successful interoperability strategy pairs functional technology with the support to use it.


The alchemy of care variation

Find out if care variation can provide new, evidence-based pathways and inform care transformation in the latest Checkup from Craig Joseph, MD.


Patient referral leakage: Are health systems making it easy to do the right thing?

Read about the real impact that referral leakage has on health systems in the latest Checkup by Dr. Craig Joseph.

revenue cycle

Revenue cycle transformation: 3.4% increase in net revenue and still growing

A transformative engagement helps Lawrence General Hospital achieve revenue goals by aligning people, processes, and technology.


The big squeeze: Navigating the confluence of post-COVID challenges

Health systems are feeling the squeeze from all sides. Many are still reeling from the revenue losses incurred during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

digital health

Our Mission Together: Healthcare and Digital Transformation in the UK

The UK healthcare sector faces significant challenges, yet we see many reasons for optimism. Nordic's Nene Antonio shares how the NHS can deliver on the promise of digital transformation.


An ounce of prevention

Learn more about how we can better prevent, not just treat, healthcare worker burnout in the latest Checkup from Dr. Craig Joseph.

digital health

What’s cloud got to do with it?

Modernizing a health system’s data enterprise through cloud transformation prepares it for the future and benefits functions across the organization. Learn more about the benefits of cloud modernization in our latest blog by Kevin Erdal, Managing Director and Practice Lead of Digital Health.


Elevating the power of the shared patient record

A comprehensive and strategic method of information sharing exists in the healthcare ecosystem and is gaining increasing attention: the shared patient record model. Learn more about this from Director of Advisory Services, Doug Turner, and Managing Director, Markets - Advisory Services, Win Vaughn.

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