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Making Rounds: The hopes and promises of AI [Podcast]

In this episode of In Network’s podcast feature Making Rounds, Nordic Head of Thought Leadership Dr. Jerome Pagani sits down with Nordic’s Digital Health Practice Leader Kevin Erdal and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Craig Joseph to discuss recent strides in generative AI, the promise it holds, and if the hype around it is warranted.

Performance Improvement

Alleviating financial pressures with revenue cycle improvements [Infographic]

Strengthening financial sustainability and enhancing business operations is key to delivering high-quality care. Learn more in our latest infographic.


Designing for Health: Interview with Dr. Manish Patel [Podcast]

The latest episode of the Designing for Health podcast features CEO Dr. Manish Patel, along with hosts Dr. Jerome Pagani and Dr. Craig Joseph to talk about AI, the founding of his company, and how AI can and will revolutionize the healthcare industry.

Managed Services

Unlocking the value of IT in healthcare

The need for efficiency has gained urgency as pressure is added to health systems and IT services are the first to be cut. In his latest blog, Paul Slaughter advocates for a comprehensive managed services strategy to transform care delivery.

Performance Improvement

Advancing consumer-centric healthcare with a digital front door

Healthcare leaders prioritize high-quality patient experiences, but patients often find healthcare encounters inconvenient, inconsistent, and confusing. Digital front door strategies improve access and health equity.


Making Rounds: Optimizing implementations for a stronger business [Podcast]

In this episode of In Network’s podcast feature Making Rounds, Nordic Head of Thought Leadership Dr. Jerome Pagani sits down with two of Nordic’s Practice Leaders, Abby Polich from Implementation and Wally Ward from Performance Improvement.

Performance Improvement

How to keep the Medicaid unwinding from damaging your hospital operating margins

Nordic experts share high-level strategies to minimize the financial and operational impact of Medicaid unwinding. Read now!


Saving the healthcare workforce requires the courage to innovate

Care delivery models must adapt to the pressures that have created a feed-forward loop of bad staffing ratios and heavy workloads, resulting in historic workforce exit rates, according to Dr. Pagani.


From back office to partners in care: The evolution of hospital information technology departments

This edition of The Remedy reviews a brief history of the hospital IT department, digital health’s current state as partners in care, and what the future could hold for health IT.


Designing for Health: Interview with Denise Worrell [Podcast]

On the latest episode of Designing for Health, hosted by Dr. Craig Joseph and Dr. Jerome Pagani, the vice president of consumerism at Memorial Hermann Health System, Denise Worrell, joins the podcast.


Clinical informatics: Fostering a healthier physician-technology relationship

Kristina Garrels, associate CMO at Healthtech Consultants, discusses the necessity and benefits of having a strong relationship with technology in her latest blog.

Managed Services

Making Rounds: Turning data into insights with managed services [Podcast]

IT has long been treated as a commodity in healthcare when it should instead be a strategic asset to optimize and transform the organization, leading to innovation, cost savings, and patient satisfaction.

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